Hey, hey, hey! Thanks for stopping by to visit the Kloset Geek. This blog is all about clothes, closets, and champagne. And I am a lover of all three. I started getting into fashion going into my high school years. I find peace and my happy place while shopping. Finding gently used unique pieces in consignment stores and pairing them with new pieces is my thing! I also enjoy restyling older shoes. With shoes I say don’t Replace her, just Restyle her for a new look!

Now, you can’t have a closet full of stylish clothes and not have them organized can you? NO! And a well designed closet is a must! If you struggle with maintaining an organized closet, I would guess that you experience stress and frustration here and there. Well, clean that mess and release that stress or allow a professional -The Kloset Geek- to help you out. Sort through your closet and keep what you like, donate what you don’t want, and add new pieces to fill the gaps-Simple!

On to the good, good-Champagne! Making the decision to get your closet organized deserves a celebration-right!. So let’s toast to saving time, money, and our sanity…Let’s get organized!

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